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Summer Reading: Monopoly Game

Go for Gold...Read!

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Game Pieces

Read books and log pages/books on Go for Gold...Read! official reading log to win game pieces.

***Double points are awarded for any book read that has been awarded for its work in literature, illustration, or theme.  For Abilene participants, books can be checked out and delivered to the AEC Library.


Children’s Book = 1 token

Easy Readers 20 pgs = 3 token

Adults/Teens 50 pgs = 5 token


Official Game Rules

· All members of the Cisco, Eastland, and Abilene areas are invited to participate in Cisco College Libraries Summer Reading Program. Participants can include, but are not limited to, faulty and staff of Cisco College, students of Cisco college, children and adult community members.

· Monopoly game board pieces are awarded for reading and logging books and pages read on the official Summer Reading Book Log which will be distributed during registration.

· Cisco College Libraries Go for Gold...Read! program is from June 4-August 9, 2019. All winning pieces MUST be turned in by August 9 for prize collection.

· All prizes are subject to availability.

· Any questions, concerns, or suggestions can be sent to